Friday, January 6, 2012


Xin mời bạn chiêm ngưỡng vài chậu Bonsai đẹp:
Mimosa and picture by William N. Valavanis

Image Image Image
Bantigue (Pemphis acidula)
Top 10 Bonsai 2007
From the collection of Mr. Bobby Gopiao
Bonsai of the year 2006 - first prize
Pinus sylvestris
Ole Claefer
Best bonsai chosen by the public
Juniperus horisontalis
Johnny Eslykke
Awarded with best pot and tree combination prize
Ficus natascha
Erik Petersen
Awarded with the best display prize
Pinus sylvestris
Erling Klysner
The Japanese Ambassador prize
Larix decidua
Ole Claefer
Pinus sylvestris
Klaus Buddig

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